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Quality Management

Wingara Ag uses a robust quality assurance program to ensure it to ensure its fodder products are packaged and delivered to the highest standard for each quality grading requirement. To deliver on this commitment, its quality program includes:

  • Quarantining and Testing for ARGT (annual ryegrass toxicity) of all hay delivered to its facilities to identify chemical contaminants.
  • X-Ray of bales before processing to identify potential physical contaminants and minimise damage to machinery.
  • Teaser process to break up bales to further remove contamination and produce a higher standard packaged product.
  • Active management of staff to continuously identify and remove poor quality fodder during the processing phase.
  • Fumigation and inspection of completed products in-line with AQIS export requirements.

Wingara Ag’s quality management program is documented and audited regularly to comply with regulatory and AQIS standards. Wingara Ag’s facilities are approved to export its fodder products to all key Asian markets including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.